Water Loop Systems

Unprecedented efficiency can be gained from using multiple water source heat pumps in a large building with a water loop.

With some units in cooling rejecting heat into the water loop and others in heating collecting heat  from the same loop then you are frequently just transferring heat from one place to another. A dry cooler or cooling tower is used to reject excess heat and a boiler is used to produce heat when necessary.

If we imagine a typical system, it operates as below

In winter the systems will all be operating in heating and therefore the boiler will operate to replace heat in the water loop

In summer the systems will all be operating in cooling and therefore the water cooler will operate to reject excess heat from the water loop.

More typically in intermediate periods we find the perimeter areas in a building will need heating while the internal rooms need cooling. In this case the system will balance out, taking heat from the centre of the building to heat the perimeter.

Our UK importers can supply fluid coolers for this type of application - for more details click on the cooling tower below.