Wall Controllers

A variety of controllers are suitable for connection to a ClimateMaster system using the safe 24V control PCBs and using standard US control methodology. These all offer different features. Some are ClimateMaster branded and some are third party.

ClimateMaster Branded Controllers

ATA11U01 & ATA22U01


Basic and simple digital automatic changeover controllers without a time clock in 1 stage (11U01) or 2 stage (22U01) formats. They have a software memory backup and does not require a battery. These are very popular options for basic applications.


This controller is similar to the ATA11U01 but allows the engineer to limit the user functionality at the controller, change dead bands etc.


A programmable manual changeover controller


This is a very sophisticated auto changeover programmable controller with 3 stages of heating and two of cooling and lots of useful features. Suitable for both CXM and DXM pcbs. This is a very popular controller.


Similar to the previous controller but with the addition of humidity control.


This is a communicating version of the programmable multi stage controller for use with DXM2 controllers with simplified wiring as below. This is another popular option.

Meitav-tec Controllers


This is a very simple controller suitable for 1 or 2 stages of cooling and heating, built in or remote temperature sensing and available in On / Off or Programmable models with the option of ordering either an EU type on / off time clock or US type four period model. Some models have the option of a remote wireless handset as well.


This controller offers very sophisticated operation and lots of features but is simplicity itself to operate and has the option of additional control from a wireless handset. This offers 3 stages of heating, two of cooling and has a US  type four period time clock and can sense inside the unit, the controller or from a wall sensor. The controller displays both the set and actual temperatures and also the time, swapping between the temperature and time automatically.