DDC Controllers for BMS application


The Lonworks interface is compatible with both CXM and DXM controls and gives full Lonworks control to the system.

The above room sensors are used with the Lonworks controller.

MPC Controller - Multi Protocol - BACnet, JCI N2 & Modbus

The Multi Protocol MPC controller connects to both the CXM and DXM electronic control PCBs. It offers full communication and control from Bacnet, JCI and Modbus BMS systems. It supports native BACnet MS/TP communitcations, Johnson Controls N2 communication with the Johnson Controls Metasys system and also Modbus.

How it fits in with the system.


The address can be set using the onboard rotary switches or

It can be set using a Bacview6 service tool

Display signals on MPC

Setting up the MPC for the communications interface of your choice and selecting how it operates.

The MPC controller gives maximum flexibility to applications requiring total compatibility with BACnet, N2 and Modbus.