Each ClimateMaster unit has an electronic control PCB inside the electrics box linked to a low Voltage wall mounted controller. We offer various options of PCB and wall controller along with many options for central BMS control including Modbus, Lonworks and Bacnet.

In addition to these standard options it is very easy to substitute popular third party 24 Volt controllers with or without communication to operate with the standard CXM or DXM control systems. This means that the BMS option that you want is not available from us then we can just link to one of your controllers.

The use of 24 Volt controls gives safety and simplicity while the BMS adaptability means customers can have exactly what they want rather than adapting to what is available.

Another major feature is that we separate the internal control and protection of the system, which is located on the unit control PCB and the demand and reporting process which is the job of the thermostat. This means that if our standard controllers or BMS interfaces do not meet with your requirements then it is easy to use an alternative without compromising the systems inbuilt functionality and safety features. In fact you can enhance them if required.