Climate Master water source heating and cooling systems are an ideal solution for all manner of applications from a small geothermal heating system in an apartment to a large climate control system in a shopping centre or high rise building, no matter how tall it is.

Our water source heating systems don't have the same pipe separation limitations as an air cooled split system. We can recover heat from one area to another in a similar manner to a heat recovery VRF but without the complexity. We are simply a more flexible solution to a large number of common water source heating and cooling problems.

We aren't just about heating and cooling your living space either, but as water source heat pump specialists, we are just great at heating water directly as in our high temperature geothermal boiler systems or indirectly through our desuperheater options. Shown above, our Geothermal boiler produces both hot water for space heating and domestic hot water with an easy control interface and maximum energy efficiency.

We have a full range of water source heat pumps also known as VersaTemp systems which include console models from 2 to 5KW, horizontal models up to 35KW, vertical plant room models up to 90KW and water to water models up to 100KW. The key to our flexibility, though, is the way that individual packaged units can be mounted all around the building. A typical water loop such as VersaTemp is between 20 and 40C and is not subject to the energy losses associated with long refrigeration, hot or chilled water pipes. We can go farther too with almost no limits on length. We can take advantage of the fact that a large building will usually have a perimeter heating requirement while needing cooling internally as we recover heat from cooling units into the heating ones. This type of water loop system is often referred to as a VersaTemp system because one of the pioneers was a brand named VersaTemp.

Of course our Geothermal systems take this efficiency to a whole new level by using the ground beneath our feet to collect heat from and reject it to.

Installation is simplicity itself and any unit in the system can be isolated and worked upon without affecting any of the others. Each unit is factory charged with a small quantity of refrigerant and hermetically sealed. This minimises the quantity and also potential for leaks. It also makes it easy to comply with EN378 and, more importantly, ensure safety for building occupants. No leaks is good for the environment too.

We also offer a massive range of control options for our water source heating sytems, with each unit having its own internal controller to look after the operation and safety of the internal components but with demand and operation being carried out by either a remote thermostat or BMS interface.

We have a wide variety of remote thermostats, with or without time clocks and programmable operation. Some of these are Climatemaster branded similar to VersaTemp while we also have a wide range of third party controllers. You are welcome to use your own low Voltage 24V controller but we advise that you check with us for compatibility with you water heat pumps first.

We also offer a Lonworks and MPC (Multi Protocol Controller - BACnet, N2 and Modbus) interface option which can be built in at the factory. But you are welcome to use your own choice of BMS controller instead.